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You can register as a CalDART Friend if you want to support CalDART, but do so with no financial contribution at all, and not as a CalDART member (Membership costs $45 and comes with additional benefits, and provides additional support to CalDART - see the membership page for more info). The information you provide on this friendship page lets us communicate CalDART news to you, and reach you by telephone if there is something worthwhile to talk about. Further, we can see if you have any particular participation interests, and if you do, help connect you with people who could use your help. Note that you'll need to ensure the Friend - $0.00 item is selected immediately below. Note also that the form we use defaults to a $20 additional contribution - just select the No-thank you option at the bottom if you don't want to contribute. If you've selected Friend - $0.00 and no thank you for additional contribution, then you won't need to enter your credit card number and you won't pay anything. Click the submit button at the bottom when you have filled everything out. Thank you for registering as our friend! And thank you if you also decide to make a donation.

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Are you interested in learning more about how to participate in a DART Ground Team such as in flight operations, check-in, recruitment, ramp safety, communications?
Are you interested in learning how to help people participate in DART by giving DART training sessions?
Are you interested in helping CalDART generate the funding it needs from a variety of sources?
Are you interested in helping CalDART reach out to others by spreading the word on social media?
Are you interested in helping find and/or contribute stories for the CalDART newsletter sent to CalDART members?
Are you interested in helping CalDART support its members and grow its membership base?
Indicate whether and what type of pilot you are here.
Select not applicable if you are not a pilot, or Yes if you're a pilot and have your instrument rating, or no if you are a pilot and are not instrument rated.
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