Help Wanted

CalDART needs a few good men and women to help advance the state of its network. If you are an action-oriented person who likes to get things done and have 10 or more hours per month that you can devote to CalDART, and the skills and desire to tackle one of these jobs, please contact Paul Marshall, CalDART President,

Membership Vice President: This person administers the statewide membership function for the growing CalDART membership, currently numbering around 100 people. This person will stimulate membership growth while using and optimizing the tools available in our website to register new members and retain existing ones. This person will stimulate the addition of new DART Operators and connect new members to the nearest DART Operator. This person will maintain The California DART Network Contact List, a list which enables DART members from around the state to reach out to each other to coordinate participation in annual readiness exercises and arrange mutual aid during an actual disaster.

Methods and Procedures Vice President: This person administers The California DART Network’s Disaster Airlift Response Plan, and the associated training program to teach people how to use the plan, and the accreditation process which verifies that DART Operators are operating according to the plan.

Financial Development Vice President: This person develops sources of funding for CalDART, be it through membership donations solicitation, corporate sponsor development, solicited donations from local governments, or similar. CalDART Operated on about $15,000 in 2019 and needs to develop a funding stream to handle that and future requirements.

Other mode of contribution: If you see an additional way to grow the success of CalDART, can drive that success, and have the time and desire to do so, please also reach out to Paul Marshall with your suggestion of how you would like to contribute.