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Thank you for strengthening CalDART, a wholly owned subsidiary of CalPilots. By joining our team and becoming a member, or by renewing your membership, you help CalDART support others in time of need and also receive these benefits: 

  • 501(c)3 tax deductibility on your $45 membership fee, 
  • Updates on what CalDART is doing around the state
  • Membership to CalPilots,
  • Email delivery of CalPilots magazine.

$30 of your membership fee goes to CalPilots, $15 goes to CalDART. There is not an option to join CalDART by itself - all CalDART members are also CalPilots members.

Note that all pilots who fly CalDART flights must either be members of CalDART or must be a referred current flying pilot from a flying organization from whom CalDART has requested assistance. Likewise, each person acting as a manager or above in a DART Operator must be a CalDART member. CalDART Friends do not qualify for flying pilot or DART Operator management status. Volunteers who are supporting the DART Operator's management team are encouraged but not required to be CalDART members.

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